Dumbledore: A Wise Wizard, But a Terrible Role Model

Dumbledore: A Wise Wizard, But a Terrible Role Model

Albus Dumbledore is a beloved character in the Harry Potter series, known for his wisdom, kindness, and bravery. However, as with any character, Dumbledore is not without his flaws. One area of contention among fans is whether Dumbledore is a good role model. Some argue that Dumbledore’s actions and beliefs make him a poor role model, while others believe he is a wise and admirable character who should be emulated.

Pro: Dumbledore’s Wisdom and Bravery

One argument in favor of Dumbledore as a role model is his intelligence and bravery. Dumbledore is widely regarded as the most powerful wizard of his time, and his knowledge and strategic thinking are instrumental in defeating Lord Voldemort. He is also willing to take great risks and make difficult decisions in order to protect others, such as when he faces off against Grindelwald and when he allows Harry to confront Voldemort.

Contra: Dumbledore’s Use of Others

However, some argue that Dumbledore’s actions towards others, particularly in regards to the manipulation and exploitation of others for his own purposes, make him a poor role model. For example, Dumbledore allows Lily and James Potter to be killed in order to fulfill a prophecy and defeat Voldemort, and he also uses Neville Longbottom as a backup plan to defeat Voldemort in case Harry fails. Additionally, Dumbledore keeps important information from Harry and others, leading to misunderstandings and unnecessary suffering.

Pro: Dumbledore’s Empathy and Forgiveness

Despite these questionable actions, Dumbledore is also known for his empathy and ability to forgive. He deeply cares for and supports those around him, and is able to see the good in others even when they have made mistakes. Dumbledore’s forgiveness of Snape, despite his many betrayals, is a prime example of this trait. Additionally, Dumbledore’s acceptance and support of those who are different, such as Neville and the centaurs, show his inclusive and understanding nature.

Contra: Dumbledore’s Imperfections

However, some argue that Dumbledore’s flaws and mistakes make him a poor role model. Dumbledore is not immune to making errors in judgment, and his past is filled with instances of selfishness and prejudice. For example, Dumbledore’s past relationship with Grindelwald is fraught with pain and regret, and he also has a history of looking down on and judging those who are not part of mainstream wizarding society.


In conclusion, Dumbledore is a complex and multifaceted character who has both positive and negative qualities. While he possesses wisdom, bravery, empathy, and forgiveness, he also has a history of using and manipulating others, making mistakes, and exhibiting prejudice. As with any role model, Dumbledore’s actions and beliefs should be carefully considered and evaluated before emulating them.