Harry Potter Fans Just Can’t Figure Out This Character

Harry Potter Fans Just Can't Figure Out This Character

Harry Potter is a beloved series that has captured the hearts of millions of readers and viewers around the world. One character in particular, however, has caused a lot of confusion and debate among fans: Severus Snape.

Snape’s Loyalty to Dumbledore

One argument in favor of Snape is his loyalty to Dumbledore. Throughout the series, Snape consistently follows Dumbledore’s orders, even when it puts him in danger or at odds with other characters. He ultimately sacrifices his own life in order to protect Dumbledore’s plan to defeat Voldemort. This loyalty suggests that Snape is a complex and honorable character, despite his often gruff and unfriendly exterior.

Snape’s Treatment of Harry and Other Students

On the other hand, Snape’s treatment of Harry and other students is often cruel and unfair. He consistently favors students from Slytherin and shows open disdain for those in other houses. He also singles out Harry for harsh punishment, often without good reason. This behavior raises questions about Snape’s true motivations and moral compass.

Snape’s Love for Lily Potter

One key factor that helps to explain Snape’s actions is his deep love for Lily Potter. It is revealed that Snape was in love with Lily since childhood, and this love drives much of his behavior throughout the series. His loyalty to Dumbledore can be seen as an attempt to honor Lily’s memory, as Dumbledore was a close friend of Lily’s and helped to protect her son Harry. Additionally, Snape’s treatment of Harry can be seen as an attempt to protect him, as Snape knows that Harry is a target for Voldemort due to his connection to Lily.

Snape’s Role in the Death of Dumbledore

However, Snape’s role in the death of Dumbledore is a major point of contention among fans. Snape is the one who ultimately kills Dumbledore, but it is later revealed that this was part of a larger plan to defeat Voldemort. This revelation has led some fans to view Snape as a hero, while others see his actions as betrayal and argue that he should be held accountable for Dumbledore’s death.

Despite the debate surrounding Snape’s character, it is clear that he is a complex and multifaceted person. While his actions and motivations may not always be easy to understand, he ultimately played a crucial role in the defeat of Voldemort and the protection of Harry and his friends. Regardless of whether or not fans can “figure out” Snape, his impact on the series and the story of Harry Potter is undeniable.